You are invited to become a member of the Differently-Abled Network (DAN),  a new community outreach program of White Apple Institute (WAI).  Members of DAN volunteer to assist White Apple Institute, and its partners with identifying and restoring hope in unserved and underserved Veterans and other persons with   disability in their local community. 

A DAN Membership is a WIN_WIN opportunity for those who are willing to ASK for what they NEED to SUCCEED to finish school/college goals and SUCCEED in the WORKPLACE! Meet with “disability and veteran friendly” businesses, schools and social groups looking to increase their list of potential students, employees, productive citizens. DAN meetings and most archived audio and video podcasts are FREE to the public. 



Adult Persons with Non-Visble and Visible Disability, acquired through accident, illness, work injury, emotional and environmental issues, or developmental causes receive

  • Emotional Support and Financial Resources from Peer and Professional Mentors*, Talk Show listeners, and a loving network of people in Arizona and around the globe that want to help those striving to help themselves be productive citizens. 
  • Invitations to exclusive group video chats and webinars on specific topics to "change the perception of 'DIS-Abled to DIFFERENTLY_Abled".
  • Information,resources and , advice on appeals, discrimination, and grievance issues from Disability Advocates in the fields of Special Education, Adult Education, Independent Living, and Vocational Rehabilition provided at meetings and ONLINE video podcasts. 
  • Mentoring sessions (private and group) held at a local college campus, company, social club, or any faith-based organization via phone, email, text, and chat.   One 30 minute session with trained Peer Mentors monthly.  One 30 minute session weekly during crisis situations at school and work.
  • For those seeking to finish academic and workforce goals after years of experiencing hopelessness and/or homelessness,including students and veterans AT-RISK of dropping-out of school, work, and life are referred for a  Free Intake, Assessment, and Plan Development session with  a Professional Mentor, based on Dr. Applewhite's Self Rehabilitation Program (c)
  • One !5 minute session per quarter with a Professional Mentor.
  • Exclusive GUEST PASS and priority consideration to participate in raffles for gift cards and generous discounts offered by  Talk Show Sponsors in person and via phone/video conference. Check calendar XX.

We need money and volunteers This is a great opportunity if you are senior retired adult who wants to help those who are striving to help themselves; or if you are in need of internship hours/college credits; or for those in need of fulfilling community service hours through a court order, just ask a DAN Mentor.  

All members of the DAN agree to follow the Golden Rule by treating others as they wish to be treated! 

At our DAN meetings, (we use the term "Differently-Abled" to continuously encourage ourselves and others to change our "PERCEPTION" of DISABLED and focus on what we are able to do to succeed in higher education and the workforce and be recognized as contributing and productive citizens. It is not our intention to ignore our disability or change the terminology necessary for health care and benefits. Please feel free to ask a DAN Mentor about sharing your story to inspire and inform others, and sharing what you need to succeed at school and work!  


Your Sponsorship of the White Apple Institute Talk Shows covers the travel and basic operating expenses for members of the Differently-Abled Network (DAN) to meet online and at various sites where White Apple Institute has identified "underved" groups.  Thousands of students and veterans, ages 16 to 86 have benefitted from the audio/video podcasts of inspirational stories,  self-help tips, education and workforce opportunities from "disability and veteran friendly" schools, companies, social groups, community agencies, and faith-based organizations. 

Sponsors  share their mission and opportunities on our talk show podcasts without paying exorbitant advertisement fees. 

   Tax-Deductible Contribution                


 Sponsorship Levels 

  • Level One    Bronze Apple            $10 monthly/ $110 annually
  • Level Two     Silver Apple             $100 monthly/$1100 annually
  • Level Three   Gold Apple              $1000 monthly/ 120000 annually
  • Level Four     White Apple               OVER 12k+

Place Your B.E.T.S. on our VETS

This is what your money will do per Student Veteran

$60.00 Bus pass/Mileage-Gas, or bike.

$120.00 Replacement of books, supplies or equipment

$90.00 Child Care Emergency, replacement eyeglasses, and NON-EMERGENCY medical equipment repairs and replacements..

$180.00 New job expenses (test and license fees, uniforms, shoes, etc)

$300.00 Minor Car Repairs, Utility bills, 

 The Place Your B.E.T.S. On Our BETS program is a is the only place you will hear the “real” problems and solutions facing Veterans (male and female) and their family members as they transition into the civilian cultures at school and work, as well as achieve a quality life. The conversations include discussions on PTSD/MST, announcement of events and benefits in Arizona and across the nation. Hosted by Dr. Danita Applewhite and fellow Veterans willing to share their motivating stories about helping themselves and others change the perceptions of “Disabled” Veteran to “Differently-abled Veteran”. Enjoy guests from a variety of organizations and companies as they share opportunities and benefits you may not hear anywhere else.

Sponsor our next DAN meetingr to reach Underserved Vets