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We serve "Underserved" Veterans, Students, and Employees Seeking Workforce Success

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ASK DR. Applewhite Talk Show



Danita Applewhite PhD-CRC

You must listen to this show if YOU or someone you know is 

  • Having difficullty with performance in the classroom or on the job that resullt in chronic quitting or being fired?
  • in need of motivation and tips to Connect to resources in independent living, vocational rehabilitation,    
  • Feeling like you are too old or disabled to  finish the goals you started long time ago? 
  • Dealing with STRESS  from an emotional or financial crisis that could cause dropout from school, work, and life 
  • Losing hope in the STRUGGLE TO JUGGLE, overwhelming class, work, family or parenting schedules, while dealing with Chronic Pain/Stress and other disabling conditions
  • embarrassed about discussing your dreams and goals because people may laugh about your mental and/or nonvisible disability.
  • dealing with discrimination because of disability, race, or sexual orientation     

The Differently-Abled Network (DAN)

A community outreach and membership program of White Apple Institute 

Join DAN and help us 

  •  Identify and serve Veterans and other Persons with Disability who are "underserved", in their family and community, for a variety of social,  economic. psychological,  and cultural issues.   
  • Restore hope in those AT-RISK of hopelessness, joblessness, and homelessness while striving to help themselves.                                  
  • invite employers, educators, counselors, and neighbors to share their stories and opportunities on the ASK Dr. Applewhite Talk Show 
  • train Peer and Professional Mentors to listen, consult and refer people to organizations that partner with White Apple Institute
  • serve as guests, producers, and promoters for the ASK Dr. Applewhite Talk Show  via Internet podcasts and related workforce development events.

Place Your B.E.T.S. on our VETS

Coming January 2019.


Calling all Veteran Supporters


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

For a CHANGE will YOU spare your change $ $ ¢   ¢  to help "underserved" disabled veterans and their eliglble family members who are striving to help themselves finish higher education goals and succeed in the workforce! 

The "underserved" veteran and other persons with disability, are those who are  NOT eligible to receive needed VA  and other community services BECAUSE

  • they are unable to prove a Service-Connected Disability and/or have  a low disability rating that disqualies them from many VA services 
  • lack access to resources due to geographic location, transportation and a variety of social, economic, psychological, and cultural issues
  • need our help to CONNECT to resources in their community
  • need us to EDUCATE them about self-advocacy, self-help, accommodations and mediation for discrimination complaints  
  • need our SUPPORT from qualified Mentors to overcome emotional and financial crisis that impact their performance in the classroom and/or workplace

When YOU or your organization gives a tax-deductible donation of any amount, starts a Sponsorship of our Talk Shows and programs, and/or volunteers time, this is what happens:

  • HOPE is restored for those in the struggle to juggle class, work, pain, stress, disability, and even parenting schedules 
  • Drop-Out from school, work , and life is minimized. 
  • Transportation/Travel expenses are paid for us to take the White Apple Institute Talk Shows and Programs to college campuses, homeless shelters, food banks, job fairs, community agencies, and Faith-based organizations, or wherever we can find those "underserved".  
  • You inspire others to focus on what they can do versus can't do by taking a bite of White Apple Wisdom to change their perception of "disabled to "different;y-abled. 

We exist solely on volunteers and donations. Thank you for clicking on the DONATE button.

You can also help our mission by using  smile.amazon.com  when shopping on Amazon. Just select our charity White Apple Institute, Federal Tax ID# 45-5602313 , and enter our email: info@whiteappleinstitute.org

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