what we do

White Apple Institute connects, educates, and supports "underserved" disabled veterans and their eligible family members who are striving to help themselves finish higher education goals and succeed in the workforce.


The "underserved" veteran and other persons with disability, are those who are  not eligible to receive needed VA  and other community services because they:

  • are unable to prove a Service-Connected Disability and/or have  a low disability rating that disqualifies them from many VA services 
  • lack access to resources due to geographic location, transportation and a variety of social, economic, psychological, and cultural issues
  • need our help to CONNECT to resources in their community
  • need us to EDUCATE them about self-advocacy, self-help, accommodations and mediation for discrimination complaints  
  • need our SUPPORT from qualified Mentors to overcome emotional and financial crisis that impact their performance in the classroom and/or workplace.


Women Veterans Rock!


 Gerri Berger and Gabe Forsberg   Patriotic Awards        AZ Veterans Hall of Fame Society

Differently-Abled Network Meeting


Members encouraging each other to ASK for What They Need to Succeed through our growing global network 

Getting the message out at the Capitol


 NCIL (National Council for Independendent Living)  Washington DC

Veterans StandDown Alliance Arizona Housing Coalition


Congressman Reuben Gallegos, Charlie Ellis , Marian appreciates the mission of White Apple Institute

Disabled American Veterans


DAV honored Eddie C. Applewhite Korean War Vet

Sue Wudy and Dr. Applewhite PVA and WACVA members


Our Talk shows and Programs

ASK DR. Applewhite (c) Talk Show (aka) "Doc. Apple"


Danita Applewhite PhD,CRC (aka "Doc Apple") Founder/CEO of White Apple Institute, Talk Show Host, Disability Advocate, Army Veteran, Speaker, Author, Retired Psychology Professor and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 


 Her audience is inspired by a variety of self-help topics and motivated  with tips on managing pain, stress, and related disabling conditions  experienced in the classroom and on the job. Since 2009, Dr. Applewhite,  along with fellow veterans. volunteers and student interns have helped  thousands of “nontraditional” persons with disability enhance their  performance, succeed in the workforce and prevent DROPOUT from school,  work, and life!  

You must listen to this show if YOU or someone you know is 

  • Having difficullty with performance in the classroom or on the job and frequently withdrawing from classes, quitting or being fired?   
  • Feeling like you are too old or disabled to  finish the goals you started long time ago? 
  • Dealing with STRESS  from an emotional or financial crisis that could cause dropout of school, work, and life? 
  • Losing hope in the STRUGGLE TO JUGGLE, overwhelming class, work, family or parenting schedules and CHRONIC PAIN? 
  • embarrassed about discussing your dreams and goals because people may laugh about your mental and/or nonvisible disability.
  • dealing with discrimination because of disability, race, or sexual orientation? LGBTQ friendly and safe.

The Differently-Abled Network(c). DAN, a community outreach effort


The DAN is a new community outreach program serving as the membership arm of  White Apple Institute (WAI). The network is composed of  Persons with  Disability and a supportive group of neighbors who want to recognize  those striving to help themselves succeed as contributing and productive  citizens. Our goal is to establish a global network of individuals who do not ignore their DISability BUT choose to focus on what they can do instead of can't do.


>meet to help White Apple Institute identify the  Underserved in their communities and restore HOPE by sharing their stories, information and local opportunities college campuses, homeless shelters. 

   >produce, promote, and serve as guests on the ASK Dr. Applewhite Talk Show at their meetings.

> identify and serve Veterans and other Persons with Disability who  are underserved, in their family and community, for a  variety of social, mental, and cultural issues.   

>invite “disability  and veteran friendly” businesses, , schools, legislature, and social groups  to share current news, notices, and research

>encourage each other to ASK for what they NEED to finish school/college goals and succeed in the workplace and their personal lives . They also build social support groups to minimize isolation.

>train as Peer and Professional Mentors to provide loving support, listen, advise, and  refer "underserved" Persons with Disability to organizations that partner with White Apple Institute


 >inspire others to to take a bite of White Apple Wisdom: The ASK DR. Applewhite Self-Rehabilitation Program* to change the "PERCEPTION" of DISabled to DIFerently-Abled for success at work and life"! 

 The  Differently-Abled Network meetings are a WIN-WIN for recruiters to  increase their pool of potential employees and students, while sharing  career tips and job opportunities. 

It is also a WIN_WIN  opportunity for those who participate in the online and on-site meetings at college campuses,  job fairs, community and faith-based organization events, homeless shelters. rehabilitation and independent living centers. 

ALL of our Subcribers become members of the DAN (DIFferently-Abled Network) automatically regardless of where they live. They receive quartely updates,  ann


Place Your B.E.T.S. on Our Students and VETS


By FALL 2019, the students and veterans of White Apple Institute and members of the Differently-Abled Network (DAN), anticipate launching the Place Your B.E.T.S. On Our Students and VETS campaign.

The campaign will be aired on the ASK Dr. Applewhite  Talk Show. Veterans and family members featured will share their inspirational stories about overcoming chronic hopelessness and/or homelessness, and a variety of socio-cultural and psychological issues that put many At-Risk of dropping out of school, work, and life! 

Most critical, is that they will ASK our audience via Internet to help provide the things they need to finish higher education goals in order to succeed in the workforce. 

What are Business Education & Training Sponsorships?

In 1992, Danita Applewhite PhD-CRC developed the Business, Education, Training Sponsorship (B.E.T.S.) program to introduce employers to the benefits of sponsoring “underserved*” persons in workforce development programs. 

Dr. Applewhite wrote the original B.E.T.S. program for the students at KEYS Community Center in Phoenix, AZ thanks to the sponsorship of Southest Leadership Foundation. She wrote numerous training programs  based on B.E.T.S. framework and customized them for additional sponsors such as  MechTronics, Pepsi-Cola,  ,Simon & Schuster, Hilton Hotel, Chase Bank (formerly Bank One)

In agreement with her many colleagues and research, Dr. Applewhite found that the major reasons people continually drop classes, quit their jobs, and lose hope in their future is due to the

  • lack of ability to find and accept loving support at home, school, and work
  • minimal access and knowledge about resources
  • inability to control absenteeism related to stress, chronic pain, and disability.
  • lack of planning and coping strategies to adapt during emotional and financial crises. 

This segment of the ASK Dr. Applewhite Talk Show will feature underserved men and women veterans striving to help themselves finish school/college to succeed in the workforce and in life.

*The term “underserved” persons usually designates a rural and socio-economically disadvantaged community in need of medical resources. However, Dr. Applewhite broadened the term to include women, veterans, minorities, non-English speakers with anxiety disorders, and those with undisclosed disabilities (learning, emotional/mental, nonvisible, as well as, visible physical).