"Dr. Applewhite -  Thank You and the White Apple Institute so much  for your help with my electric bill and counseling fees.  I passed my  final exam because you helped me get accommodations for my Dyslexia so I  could test without pressure of time. I’m going to nursing school in  fall and working part-time as a Caregiver. I will not give up this  time.”
~ A.R. Phoenix, AZ

My Dearest Professor Apple, “It is always a blessing to be hearing  from you. Thanks for your reply, that goes right to my heart. I am doing  well and I could say that my determination, courage and persistence is  thanks to you since 7 years ago because you have been coaching me values  of Life. I don’t feel so upset all the time and I trust in GOD and I  know that He is The master of all. I also get my English level in  progression thanks to you and all the staff of White Apple Institute.” ~ M.S. Burkina Faso, Africa

Dr. Apple, “I tried to finish college so many times. I felt like a  failure and my depression and the MS was getting worse. My marriage  ended, I lost my job and I was ready to drop out of college again.  My  mom heard about you and we listened to your radio show.  I’m so grateful  to God that you and your staff helped me get accommodations so I could  test out of my Math and English classes. I am now a college graduate and  have the best job ever in the library. I love you all!!” ~ C.H. New York